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A very, very satisfied customer

When I eventually decided to buy a painting I'd taken so long it had been sold. I kicked myself so much for dallying. I kept an eye on your website and as soon as I saw something I liked I pounced. I wasn't going to lose out again.

I waited nervously, would I like the painting itself? The painting arrived I ripped it open. I was absolutely delighted. The photograph was good but it didn't do the painting justice. The impact of the texture of the painting enhances the beautiful colouring.

Angela, you are very talented indeed.
Natalie MacKenzie

Beautiful paints

Your paints are just great!

Carine Quadros | Brazilian Painter

greetings cards

do you send to Australia Angela.
My friends in uk sent me a link to your site, your work looks beautiful.
Janet Purdy -AaA

custom art

Dear Angela,

I adore your work.
Just a quick email to enquire if you accept custom order requests?

Kind regards


You're artwork is amazing and beautiful!

Lovely site

Lovely site and beautiful paintings. Good luck! Hugh
Hugh Walker

Greetings cards

Thank you for your super-fast service. The cards are lovely. "Pond House Snow" is especially charming - perfect for a Christmas letter or a thank you card!
Jill Davies


I do love your prints and wondered if you had looked into making cards based on your work?
Natalie MacKenzie